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El casino actualmente conocido comercialmente para muchos como salsa cubana se empezó a bailar en clubes, casinos o salones de baile, donde tocaban las mejores orquestas del momento. Para bailar la rueda de casino , se ensayaba previamente entre amigos y todos tenían que conocer las figuras y movimientos que se iban a cantar. Debían tener un buen nivel de baile para poder participar. Los que se equivocaban eran eliminados de la rueda hasta conseguir una pareja ganadora. Se hizo necesario poner nombres a las figuras o combinaciones para que todos entendieran al guía, al líder que cantaba la rueda , la madre.

Jorge Gómez Domínguez: Éramos muchas parejas. Eran muy exigentes, el que se equivocaba se tenía que salir. Son ruedas para bailarines y no para bailadores. Era una segunda casa. Juan Gómez: Called as the biggest fun of the cuban salsa, "La Rueda de Casino" is one of the most famous type of dances from Cuba. It was developed in Havana, Cuba in the late s and early s by groups of popular dancers who combined the salsa movement with some other dances and popular games. It involves forming a circle with dance moves called out by one person, a caller or "líder" or "cantante" in Spanish.

Many moves have hand signs to complement the calls; these are useful in noisy venues, where spoken calls might not be easily heard. Rumba developed in the Cuban provinces of Havana and Matanzas in the late 19th century. As an energetic Afro-Cuban dance, brings all the rythms from the slaves and the flavour of the people who later on will dance the carismatic stylies of "El Complejo de la Rumba".

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Afro-Cuban rumba is entirely different from Ballroom Rumba. It was developed in rural Cuba, and is still danced in Havana, Mantanzas and other Cuban cities as well as rural areas, especially those with a significant or predominant African community. Cuban Rumba can be broken down into three types: Yoruba is a kind of religion which comes from Nigeria, Africa and was brought to Cuba with the penetration of african slaves.

Rueda De Buen Ache (streaming)

The religion is represented by many different gods, called "Orishas". An Orisha also spelled Orisa or Orixa is a spirit or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare God in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system.

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  6. All of them have different characteristics, colours, symbols, and dances, representing the sea, the flowers, the jungle, the peace, etc. Discover your identification with the god who has the same characteristics like you. Improvisational in nature, street jazz dance stems from modern-day dance styles, like hip hop, breakdancing, funk and electronic dance. Elements of the rigid robotic movements, the marked spins often found in breakdancing and the fluid movements of hip hop are found in the street jazz dance culture.

    II Encuentro de Rueda de Salsa Cubana

    Often, street dance encourages dancers to interact with other dancers and even the audience. Street jazz dance emerged from an amalgamation of modern dance styles that were performed in nontraditional settings. Inspired by modern hip hop, street jazz dance resembles this original street style.

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    Rumba is a family of percussive rhythms, songs and dance that originated in Cuba as a combination of the musical traditions of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves and Spanish colonizers. The name derives from the Cuban Spanish word rumbo which means "party" or "spree". Rumba has also been described by some as a folkloric music and dance complex combination. The Africans brought over to be slaves had a history and culture that later merged with the other cultures they had been pushed into.

    More by Robin Andresen Thon

    The African origins of Rumba can be traced to two secular dances of the Bantu origin. The two influences and roots for rumba in particular being from the "Yuka" and Makuta, styles of dancing. There are numerous other African influences in the rumba that helped shape it into what it is today but those are the main influences that are noticeable today in the styles of dance. But why Mix? Well Mix represents all the dances which comes from La Rumba and we are going to learn, like Makuta , Garabato, Gaga, Palo, which make our subject full of enjoyment and meaning.

    It is a more relaxed, free style of dance in which choreographers and teahcers use emotions and moods to design their own steps, in contrast to Afro-cuban structured code of steps.

    Horarios y precios • Dame2Salsa • Rueda cubana en Madrid

    It has a deliberate use of gravity, whereas modern dance is rigid in its technique because of the common history, the two forms afro-cuban and modern share a similar terminology and structure. Ballet is a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary. Ballet's disciplined positions give you better posture, which is great for your spine as well as your appearance. It also develops your strength and muscles, keeping you fit and trim at the same time. It also builds bone density which is an advantage in later life to keep your body in a great shape and strength.

    Our program is for those who wish to take classes for the pure enjoyment and exposure to movements. Our course is completely beginners and do not require any ballet knowledge in advance. Welcome to us!!!

    Frankie Ruiz - La Rueda